My Tarot Reading for 2018

I got a beautiful deck of tarot cards when I was in fifth grade or so, and while I don’t really consider myself a spiritual or mystical person, I do enjoy using them. I decided to do a reading for myself for the new year.

Since I wanted a reading to represent what my 2018 will look like, I chose the Calendar spread. 12 cards represent the next 12 months, with a 13th card in the middle representing a theme for the overall year.


January: The High Priestess 

February: Six of Pentacles (reversed) 

March: Six of Rods (reversed) 

April: The Hanged Man 

May: Seven of Swords 

June: Two of Rods

July: The Moon 

August: Knight of Swords

September: Knight of Rods (reversed)

October: The World (reversed) 

November: The Hermit (reversed)

December: Wheel of Fortune 

13TH CARD: Strength 

So what’s it all mean? Waiting, caution, and uncertainty were major themes that popped out throughout the spread. As 2018 will be my first full year out of college–and I’m a writer, a career path that notoriously involves a LOT of waiting–I admit I was a little disappointed by this. But then the 13th card–the card for the year as a whole–was Strength. I think that’s a pretty good card to pull for the coming year.

Again, patience, waiting, and delay were prominent recurring themes: the Hanged Man, the Six of Rods reversed, and the World reversed all suggest delays or having to bide my time, while the High Priestess advises patience.

I noticed that many of these cards seemed to address work. The Six of Pentacles and Six of Rods reversed, and possibly the Seven of Swords all have some warning or caution attached, but the Seven of Swords can also positively suggest fresh ideas, and the Two of Rods suggests a successful partnership ahead.

I got the Knight of Swords and Knight of Rods back-to-back. Both cards could stand for a bold, energetic young man; the Knight of Rods, however, is reversed, which suggests he is not to be trusted.

Interestingly, I got both the High Priestess and the Moon, both of which deal with the subconscious world and the unknown.

Finally, after a year that requires much patience and caution, I got the Wheel of Fortune, which I found really intriguing: “When you draw the Wheel, you are approaching one of those moments in life when Fate does take a hand in your affairs. Strange coincidences, fortunate meetings, and lucky breaks can all shape your destiny at this time.”

I don’t really know if I believe in destiny, but one thing I like about tarot is how it can be used an introspective tool. The cards advised me to have patience and realistic expectations, but also warned against wasting time. Seeing this theme pop up again and again motivated me to get back to work and keep forging ahead, even if I won’t see results right away. And I admit it was comforting to flip over the 13th card to represent the coming year and to draw Strength. One of my resolutions for 2018–inspired by the last words of Anne Bronte, the undeservedly under-recognized sister, to her sister Charlotte–is to “take courage,” and I was glad that Strength reinforced that.



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