My Writing Plan for 2018

Last month, writers on Twitter were sharing their progress for the year. I’d been feeling a creative slump for the past few months, so I was initially feeling disheartened.

But when I reviewed my handy-dandy One-Line-a-Day journal, I realized I actually had done a lot this past year. Here’s a look back at my writing plan for 2017:

Complete initial revision rounds (plot, character, world-building) on main WIP


Write an AWESOME Honors Thesis

Well, not only did I get an A+, Yiyun Li said it was good…so I’d consider this a success!

Attend a writing conference (I was planning to go to SCBWI’s LA conference last summer, but it sold out early!)

Check! I attended SCBWI’s LA conference the summer of 2017, where I met Laurie Halse Anderson and Cake Literary’s Sona Charaipotra and attended great workshops from Nova Ren Suma, Kwame Alexander, and Salaam Reads’ Zareen Jaffery!

 Enter Pitch Wars

CHECK! While I wasn’t officially selected as a mentee, I got three requests for fulls AND three offers of unofficial mentorship, so I’d call this one a success!

Make more writing connections!

I ended up going with Gail Villaneuva and Isabella Adrid for my unofficial mentors for my MS. I also made some more writing connections through the other contributors to Wayward Sisters and Malaise—oh, and I met Adam Cadre and we exchanged manuscripts! I’d consider this one a success too!

In “My Writing Plan for 2017,” I wrote this: I struggled a bit, especially towards the end of last year with feelings of frustration and doubt and worry that I was wasting my opportunities. Reading that now, it was really heartening to realize that I was just going through the same feelings now. In fact, I had actually accomplished my entire writing plan for 2017–and then some!

Here’s my writing plan for 2018. Now that I’ve graduated, I want to take on a narrower focus, but I also want to take advantage of my extra time:

2018 Writing Plan 

♥ Complete a large-scale revision of Superhero Book

♥ Draft and revise horror story for Malaise 

♥ Do one creative task every day

♥ Begin querying by end of year?

♥ Draft something new for NaNoWriMo!



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