Announcing: MALAISE Anthology!

I’m very excited to announce my next writing project! My pitch has been accepted into MALAISE, a horror anthology centering marginalized voices!


You can see the official announcement here, and for more background information, here’s the official copy:

When nightmare becomes real, when the thing in the wood awakes, when the swamp gets its first monster, when the airlock opens to the dead floating in space, there is Malaise. 

Jessamine Press is proud to present our first anthology, Malaise, whose focus takes root in tales of horror, discomfort, and unease, all told through the lenses of marginalized writers. We’re searching for unique tales that no one else could quite convey, all laden with things dark and scary. Whether you plan to make an audience screech or squirm, Malaise is there to cater to the those looking to convey dread, the dead, and more.

Like WAYWARD SISTERS, Malaise will be seeking crowdfunded on Kickstarter. I’m really excited about this story! Follow Jessamine Press official Tumblr for more updates!


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