Treasure Box

Treasure Box: July 2017

Welcome to July’s Treasure Box, in which I share some of the things that I found interesting or whatever last month. Quill box by Odawa/Ojibwa craftswoman  Yvonne Walker Keshick ♦ Since July was SDCC month, here’s…A Justice League of Their Own! ♦ And here’s a second Justice League item from Denver Comic-Con: THE ANIMATED SERIES CAST REUNION… Continue reading Treasure Box: July 2017


ARC Review: Heroine Complex (with GIFs!)

Confession: I didn’t actually like Sarah Kuhn’s Asian superheroine book, HEROINE COMPLEX, that much. I really wanted to because ASIAN SUPERHEROINES! But the repetitiveness of the narration and overly on-the-nose dialogue unfortunately really slowed the story down for me. But I LOVED the summary for the sequel, HEROINE WORSHIP! I was pretty obsessed with My Fair Wedding with… Continue reading ARC Review: Heroine Complex (with GIFs!)