Life Update

Life Update: 5/22 – 5/29

Last week was nice. I ate out with various friends many times, including a lovely tea afternoon with my favorite professor and Her Campus gals. I had my last Her Campus meeting the next day, a dessert potluck on campus, and damn, I’m really going to miss these broads. I also attended two awesome Chinese cultural lectures at the Confucius Institute–a contemporary Chinese painting lecture/exhibition/demonstration as part of my Chinese poetry class, and then also a food garnishing workshop in which I learned (ineptly) to make tomato roses and zucchini leaves! I also learned this week that my short story is a finalist for another contest!! They’re announcing the winner at the English department end-of-year ceremony; alas, I can’t attend, but fingers crossed!

Oh, and some more things happened this week, but I can’t write about them without smiling a big adopted orphan smile, so.

Happy Memorial Day weekend and thank you to the servicemen and women who have given their lives in war, as well as those who, like Ricky Best, died heroically off the battlefield.


Some poems I really enjoyed in Contemporary American Poetry: Kazim Ali’s “July”, Sharon Olds’ “The Sisters of Sexual Treasure,” Rae Armantrout’s “Negotiations”, and Sandra McPherson’s “Elegies for the Hot Season.” Taiwanese poetry week in Chinese Poetry: Ji Xian, Yu Guangzhong, Shang Qin. George Schuyler’s Black No More in American Lit. Book III of Troilus and Criseyde in Chaucer.


Lots of stuff this week! I read IN THE SHADOW OF THE BANYAN by Vaddey Ratner and THE GODDESS CHRONICLE by Natsuo Kirino (which was awesome!) as part of the #AsianLitBingo challenge. My brother got an HBO free trial, so I watched Big Little Lies (which was very good) as well as finally sitting through Suicide Squad (which was not). I also ordered two fabulous feminist volumes from Chronicle Books, Ann Shen’s BAD GIRLS THROUGHOUT HISTORY (I was already familiar with her zines, so it was great to finish the entire book!) and Bridget Quinn’s BROAD STROKES: 15 WOMEN WHO MADE ART AND MADE HISTORY (IN THAT ORDER). I listened to Marika Hackman’s We Slept at Last. And I read more H.P. Lovecraft this week, including “The Dunwich Horror”!


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