Treasure Box

Treasure Box: April 2017

Oy, I didn’t realize my April Treasure Box was late too! Well, let’s get to it then.


Wooden chest found in Tutankhamen’s tomb. 

♦ This article for Cosmopolitan about whitewashing and other issues in Netflix’s Death Note, by the wonderful Linh Le!

♦ I’ve never actually paid any attention to The Love Life of an Asian Guy, though I’ve of course seen his posts on my FB timeline—that name just makes me roll my eyes—but I have to boost this searing thread (with screenshots) about how he’s not just problematic, but outright misogynistic, fetishizing, toxic masculinity trash:

♦ Did you know that Chinese Islam has a long tradition of women-only mosques?

♦ I guess I’m technically a student journalist, so I enjoyed this story about how high school journalists exposed a new principal’s phony credentials.

♦ Sabaa Tahir raised over $15,000 on CrowdRise for Syria, and the campaign page is still up!

♦ I’ve mentioned how excited I am for the wonderful Tomi Adeyemi’s blockbuster book (AND MOVIE) deal, and I was beyond thrilled to see her interview with Teen Vogue!

♦ I somehow had no Atlas Obscura posts last Treasure Box, but predictably that wouldn’t last. Here are FOUR AO treasures this month: a heartbreaking “wind telephone” in Japan for people to ‘call up’ their loved ones they lost to disaster; an amusing story about an Indian bar that circumvented a law against alcohol sales within 500 males of highways by constructing a maze to extend the distance to the street; a fun profile on the “Thirteen Club“, which courted bad luck; and my favorite, a wonderful profile of a “24-hour bookstore” owner in Jordan.

♦ Since I learned that In the Mood for Love was a major influence on Moonlight, I’ve been wanting to rewatch both movies as a double feature; here’s a beautiful video comparing Moonlight with the films of Wong Kar-Wai!

♦ Intriguing article about a satirical letter by an anonymous woman in 19th century England, who asked “Are women animals”—i.e., do they at least deserve the legal protections afforded animals from cruelty

♦ Daniel Jose Older posted the entire first draft of the fantastic Shadowshaper for free, along with this invaluable thread of writing advice!

♦ So this month Asian Twitter had a stir after a certain incredibly racist NY Mag article. There were a lot of great threads debunking Bell Curve shit with historical context and how the model minority myth is used to dismiss/further racism against black Americans; here’s a good NPR roundup.

♦ Last year my former editor wrote a profile on the student congressman campaigning for Plan B dispensary machines on campus, and now they have been installed!

♦ The Lizzie Bennet Diaries cast reunited to play Marrying Mr. Darcy: The Pride and Prejudice Card Game!!

♦ I couldn’t finish this article because of how revolted I was, but here’s a horrific Daily Beast article that found that the creator behind the astoundingly misogynistic (it goes far, FAR beyond regular everyday ugly misogyny) “Red Pill” subreddit…is a Republican lawmaker. Seriously. He’s in public office.

♦ Teen Vogue did a themed Water Week with articles exploring the intersectionality of issues related to water: Standing Rock, the Flint water crisis, climate change, etc. I haven’t had time to read all of these either but the content looks incredible and you really should check them out.

♦ I’m going to close out this month’s Treasure Box with another article by Linh Le. This one’s a personal story about her American soldier grandfather and it really moved me.

Whew! I’ll try not to be late next time. See y’all next month.



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