A Daruma Doll for Dreamers

The day after New Year’s, I went to see La La Land with a friend at the mall. After lunch, we stopped by Daiso and I stumbled upon some daruma dolls!

I first heard about these Japanese wishing dolls from an interview of blog post by a writer who mentioned getting one for every new novel. I can’t for the life of me remember who it was, but I thought they sounded really cool. They have a pretty gnarly backstory–Daruma was a Buddhist monk who, according to legend, meditated for so long that his arms and legs fell off for atrophy, and to prevent himself from falling asleep, he cut off his eyelids. Hence the lidless, armless, legless daruma dolls have become a symbol for perseverance. You paint in one eye to make a wish or goal, then fill in the other when it is completed. They’re popular motivational tools for New Year’s resolutions–just my luck!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to paint in my daruma doll’s eye before the end of winter break, and as the doll is papier-mâché I wasn’t sure if it could be safely transported in my luggage back to my apartment. But now that I’m back for spring break, I finally got to make my wish!


My wish, of course, is to publish my novel. And here’s the perfect listening music

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