Life Update

Life Update: 3/12 – 3/17/18

Winter quarter classes are done and now it’s time to study for finals! Most of my other grades are in–I just gave my final group project presentation for Ethnobotany (on essential oils) and turned in the final draft of my paper.

This week I’ve been feeling a little sick, but I’m better now. I have some good writing news. First, a short story and poem of mine were accepted for publication by Matchbox Magazine, a UC-wide student mag! Yay! But but but ALSO: I finally met with Yiyun Li about my creative thesis, and oh my gosh, she said she was impressed with my writing!


I have to study, but y’all. That made my week. That might’ve made my whole damned year.


Finished Ethnobotany lectures with a group lecture from a Forest Service ranger who talked about some real-life ethical dilemmas that have come up in ethnobotanical research and issues of tribal sovereignty. Wrapped up Herpetology with crocodilians and tuataras. And Microbiology ended with viral latency and the immune response.


Read IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS by Cat Winters (between this and learning about infection in Microbiology, it was not a pleasant time to be sick). On Sunday, I went to LOGAN, which was spectacular but also an emotional ride. Bravo, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Listened to Valerie June’s terrific sophomore album, The Order of Time. 

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