Treasure Box

Treasure Box: February 2017

Another month, another Treasure Box! This month it’s February, so we’ve got love, we’ve got sex, we’ve got heartbreak, and we’ve got Black History:


♥ A remarkable story about a retirement home for Mexican sex workers.

♥ Can’t have a proper month of love without some Pride and Prejudice, so here’s this fun Thug Notes recap.

♥ This is a service that my amazing friend and editor recommended, Pandia Health. It’s  is a free delivery service that sends birth control right to your doorstep, three months’ supply at a time. If you don’t already have a birth control prescription, incredible doctors like Dr. Sophia Yen can provide you with a consultation for $39.

♥ A tragic story about how a Taiwanese veterinarian’s suicide may have resulted in anti-euthanasia law.

♥ Last year I gave you sexy veterinarian goodness, so this month, feast your eyes on Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, the most swiped-right man on Tinder (though really, he was kinda destined to be handsome once he was actually named “Stefan-Pierre”)


♥ The delightful story of Rose Mackenberg, lady ghostbuster who helped Harry Houdini expose sham spiritualists.

♥ Your first Atlas Obscura article for the month is about Fudaraku tokai, or “crossing the sea to Fudaraku,” a Buddhist ritual in which Japanese pilgrims sealed themselves inside boats that were pushed out to the Pure Land of Fudaraku.


♥ Snark about how Frederick Douglass is being recognized by more and more people aside, I was very interested to hear that the abolition icon also spoke out against the Chinese Exclusion Act. Well worth a read.

♥ I saw this New Yorker article about how the author of the “Frog and Toad” books may have been influenced by his own closeted homosexuality, but it’s very sweet to read again.

♥ Speaking of love.

♥ There’s much to lament about Beyonce not winning the Grammy for Lemonade, but we should also appreciate her stunning performance, which paid tribute to African spirituality!

♥ And your second Atlas Obscura article for February is about “twilight sleep“, an eerie medical phenomenon and short-lived cause celebree of early 20th century feminists who campaigned for women’s rights to forget childbirth. I may have included this because I think Cat Winters should write a book about it.

♥ As a Chinese person, I find calligraphy and pictograms cool, so I enjoyed this Bored Panda gallery of Arabic words illustrated to reflect their meaning.

♥ Another historical story that is sadly relevant and that I was not aware about: the forced detainment of Alaskan Natives during WWII.

Wow, that’s really 15? Well, that’s not a bad place to leave off, so see you next month! May you delight in small pleasures and always remember: even artichokes have hearts.


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