Life Update

Life Update: 2/20 – 2/25

It’s Oscar Night and FOR ONCE, I’m pretty caught up on all the contenders! Unfortunately, I can’t be as excited as I would normally be–truly nasty things like this are in the political climate right now. I’m going to take a break from social media tonight in order to get some writing action done, but I will be eagerly awaiting the awards and the fashion!

(Who’s my vote going to? Well, I thought the best movie of 2016 was ARRIVAL…but that never had a chance. My favorite of the generally-accepted contenders is MOONLIGHT. I will be most disappointed if Mahershala Ali does not win for Best Supporting Actor.)

This week was pretty busy. I had my second Microbiology midterm, a Herpetology group project due (on the recently discovered Hynobius shinichisatoi, a Japanese salamander endemic to the Sobo-Katamuki mountains), and an Ethnobotany presentation (we had to try a plant product, which was great cuz it gave me an excuse to buy a Korean sheet mask set made with Artemisia princeps mugwort leaf extract). I also went back to the farmer’s market to finish getting surveys for an Ethnobotany group project (also great as it gave me an excuse to get a Doodlebug honey cupcake with lavender frosting, a delicious poke lunch from downtown, and a box of Lemonades from some Girl Scouts–I already ordered some cookies from my old troop leader’s younger daughter, but as an alum, I had to support.)

But Marissa Meyer’s superhero novel was officially announced, Cat Winters had a seriously BADASS cover reveal, and Lana Del Rey is joining witches around the world in cursing Donald Trump (seriously). Also my first issue of the New Yorker arrived and I got a nice shiny certificate for my runner-up short story. So all in all, not too bad.

Oh, and fucking Milo might actually be ruined. Fucking finally.


Guest lectures on land management techniques of native Californians by Danny Manning, a member of the Maidu tribe, and ethnobotanist Kat Anderson in Ethnobotany. Turtles in Herpetology! And prokaryote diversity in Microbiology, which was a lot less painful than other topics.


Finally finished The Master and Margarita. Not gonna lie, I couldn’t really get into this or appreciate the satire very much, which was pretty disappointing as I really dig the story. This might be a book I have to revisit some time down the road. I also finally watched SONG OF THE SEA and it is a wonderful film!

Listened to albums by Allen Toussaint and The Tuts this week, but I’m also really enjoying “Russian Roulette” by Red Velvet!


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