Life Update

Life Update: 2/13 – 2/19

This post is a little late because I wanted to wait to FINISH DRAFTING MY THESIS!!! I finished a couple of hours ago and I’m tired. And excited. And nervous. I’ve really enjoyed this project, but now I have to send it along to my thesis advisors, one of whom is the brilliant writer Yiyun Li.

I had Herpetology and Ethnobotany midterms this past week, and my second Microbiology midterm and some projects are due in the coming week. (I did get to go to the farmer’s market for one of them, which was nice. I bought cupcakes from the local store where my first Her Campus hangout was at and felt sentimental about graduating.) So I’m quite tired and have been busy. But I also got to finally Skype my incredibly sweet and intelligent mentor, Hayley Chewins, which was such a pleasure and honor. As my treat for finishing my thesis, I did some plotting work for my WIP–I just had an idea for revisions that I’m really excited about. So I still have that to look forward to!


Finished amphibians with caecilians and started reptiles in Herpetology! Ethnobotany had some good stuff this week–we had a very cool TA lecture on plant management techniques of California Indians, as well as a fun lab about plant fibers in which we got to make beads from pinenut seeds, make rope from yucca, and smash acorns with hammers. And then there was how microbes deal with environmental stress and cell differentiation and development in Microbiology.


Finally watched Stephen Chow’s GOD OF COOKERY on Netflix. Listened to a lot of different music–continued more intensive listening of Joanna Newsom with Ys and Divers, Mini Mansions’ B-sides compilation, Marissa Meyer’s Heartless playlist, George Takei’s ALLEGIANCE soundtrack. Loving Lana Del Rey’s new single!


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