Life Update

Life Update: 1/29 – 2/4/17

This week, I had my first midterm and for the class I was most worried about–Microbiology. I thought it went pretty okay–fingers crossed! But probably the most exciting thing this week: I filed for graduation.

Yeah. It’s pretty big. Since I have a break till my next exams, I’ve been more relaxed this weekend. I finally watched THE HANDMAIDEN and yesterday, Her Campus had a fun board game social with Davis Women in Business. I played Taboo, Exploding Kittens, and Avalon for the first time–it was a really fun group, and I ended up going back to their place and playing Avalon for hours!


Taxonomy and phytochemistry in Ethnobotany. Started frogs in Herpetology. Mutation and gene transfer in Microbiology, which is much more palatable than metabolism.


Read three short books: Jane Austen’s unfinished novels THE WATSONS and SANDITON and Eve Ensler’s classic one-woman play The Vagina Monologues, the first book of Emma Watson’s feminist book club 2017.

This week I listened to albums by Tacocat, The Silver Jews, Smog, Lily Allen, and Kate Nash, but I’m obsessively relistening to “I Second That Emotion” by The Miracles!

And I finally, finally watched THE HANDMAIDEN! It’s over-the-top in places (though I thought the inevitable Grand Guignol violence, while still the most gratuitous part of the film, was actually fairly tame for Park Chan-Wook), but I LOVED IT!


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