Life Update

Life Update: 1/9 – 1/14/17

So this was my first week of winter quarter, and it’s pretty different. I’m writing my creative thesis, so I decided to take a lighter schedule and knock out all my remaining classes for my Biology minor. I wasn’t sure how it’d go but I think it’s working–I’ll have a lot more time to devote to each of my classes, which I am hoping will help me get better grades in them than if I were to take the science classes with a full schedule.

I also signed up during the second pass time for a 2-unit Ballet class. It was fun–the professor was very good about helping everyone ease into the warmups, but it was still a good workout!–but sadly I decided to drop, because it’s still 4 hours a week and I really wanted to have more time to devote to my thesis and biology courses (and of course, my WIP).

Speaking of school, my college is in the news right now. I have very complicated feelings over what happened this weekend, but I will say that at the same time that a certain other event was shut down, I was attending another one opposing racism, sexism, queerphobia, and fascism. It was hosted by Franchesca Ramsey, vlogger and host of MTV’s Decoded, and CeCe McDonald, trans activist and abolitionist. It was fantastic and they were both so thoughtful and incisive and lovely. And in light of other, national shit that went down on this weekend of all weekends, I want to share my actual homework assignment for tomorrow for WFC 134, if you choose to accept it: “Go out and work for equality!”


My three biology classes this quarter are:

Herpetology (for Animal Science): the study of reptiles and amphibians. We discussed the evolution of tetrapods. (Incidentally, I’ll be watching The Reptile Room today!)

♦ Ethnobotany (for Plant Science): the study of people’s relationships to plants. We learned about the history of the field and its changing definitions.

♦ Microbiology: the study of microbes. We reviewed the prokaryotic cell. Blech.

And I dropped Ballet: I was a little sad to drop this class, as the professor was really kind and I’ve always wanted to learn to dance, but he noted that it wasn’t an introductory dance class (and wow, it’s been a while since I last had any kind of physical education, because after just the half-class of warmup barre exercises I was tired for hours afterward). Another time.


I read Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus (still no luck finding my first proper album of 2017, ugh!), but the main attraction this week was a great lineup of female-centric movies!

And of course, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS was released on Netflix! My housemates and I made puttanesca and watched  The Bad Beginning. I loved the books as a child and it’s such a joy to revisit them. I had some problems with the first two episodes–they’re a very faithful adaptation that is very lovingly brought to life, but the tone seemed to veer a little too much in the direction of outright comedy imo–but I’m still very excited to continue watching the first season. (I expect Neil Patrick Harris or Patrick Warburton will get all the love, but the cast member I was most impressed with was K. Todd Freeman as Mr. Poe. I thought he was perfect.)


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