Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion: Moon, Mother, Mountain

alright, stop me if you’ve heard this one before—

so an axe-murderer and his helpless victim go into the woods

and it gets darker and darker and they go deeper and deeper

until she says, please! i’m scared! as one does,

and the axe-murderer snaps, you think you’re scared? what about me?

i have to go out of these woods alone!


ha! ha! alright, how about this one:

a starving peasant and his old mother go up a mountain

and they go higher and higher and it gets steeper and steeper

until they reach the top and the peasant puts his mother down

and she tells her son, you better get going

because it’s getting dark but don’t

worry i’ve been gathering and dropping

sticks so you can follow them home on the way down


okay, how about this one:

a starving murderer and his helpless mother go into a home

and she says please visit me as often as you can

but he’s neither a sadistic bastard nor a devout buddhist,

and all i can think is, you think you’re scared?

i have to drive home alone

and it’s so damned lonely here


this one now, you’ll like it:

my way—

no-one on the road,

and it’s autumn, getting dark


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