Life Update

A Very Cautious Christmas: Life Update 11/18 – 11/24

So it’s Christmas (and the second day of Hanukkah!) I wrote the title of this post but then went to take a walk, and as it turns out it was well chosen. I checked my phone with relief to see that Carrie Fisher was stabilizing, only to see that George Michael has died, because 2016 can’t even let us have Christmas.

This is always a good time of year for me. My birthday is in late December, and this year was my 21st (my dad got Stella Rosa for the occasion–the roommate got me this fabulous set of literary drinking glasses from Unemployed Philosophers Guild!), so I get double the gifts–I’m listening to Leslie Odom Jr.’s Christmas album as I write this! And my cousin from England is staying with us, which meant lots of awesome tabletop games and family gatherings. It’s been a good week (I even got some good writing and reading progress done in the meantime!) But amidst everything else, the holidays do  feel…hollow somehow.

Of course, the whole near-universal practice of winter holidays has always been about celebrating life and love and family and community right before the harshest time of the year, when our ancestors actually faced death. So with love, and caution, I wish you all happy holidays.


Spent most of my week playing tabletop games, but I did enjoy a very nice Discover Weekly playlist. And the brother finally got me to watch FRIENDS.

I guess this week was my ‘holiday break’, but I have a few last blog posts to do for this next week. Catch you later.


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