Life Update

Life Update: 12/11 – 12/17

So I’m done with my first week of winter break, which normally would be halfway over, but gah, I love this month long break so effing much. And it was a good week at that:

♦ Outlined and started plot revisions!

♦ Got my grades back–and they were straight As!!!!!!!!

♦ Researched my thesis, which involved reading up on plastic surgery (and possibly now ghosts) and rather different books and movies for inspiration

♦ Ate so much good food

The brother came back yesterday and my cousin is arriving from England tomorrow. My week alone could’ve been a bit more productive, but all in all not bad.


I’m writing a children’s horror project for my thesis, so I read CORALINE and DOLL BONES to get a feel for the genre. I’m midway through THE NIGHT PARADE, which is probably more fantasy than horror but has some nice Asian spookiness.

For real Asian horror, though, I watched AUDITION and THREE…EXTREMES. I also watched THE BIG SLEEP and ROGUE ONE, which was a strange experience. Seriously, the first two-thirds were BvS levels of slog, but the third act was phenomenal. 

The brother joined a Joanna Newsom fan group on Facebook (he’s also pestering me about watching Friends, which leads me to worry he’s turning white) that gave some album recs. Listened to Bill Callahan, Melissa Ferrick, and Dresden Dolls.

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