My Magical Aromateur Scentprint from Stacey Lee…Er, Sweetbriar Perfumes

This post is going to be very brief. As part of promotion for her upcoming magical YA contemporary, Stacey Lee offered personalized aromateur perfume recipes for the first 100 pre-orders. THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE is about love witches and elixirs made from scent notes, so this was perfect! (Even better: Mimosa and her mother’s magical perfumery is an actual Etsy store!) I just received my ‘scent print’ and had to share!


Look how pretty and vintage-y and magical that is!  Here’s my personalized Sweetbriar “scent print”, if you’re having trouble reading it:

iris for wisdom

tuberose for exquisite

sunflowers for adoration

frankincense for divinity

ginger for success

hemlock for magic

Some visuals…

I may have opened up WordPress just to see what all my plant notes would look like as a collage. I am satisfied.

THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE comes out December 27, and you can read my review here!



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