Life Update

Life Update: 11/14 – 11/21

Crunch Time is starting which is why I didn’t post anything this week. I’ve been productive again, which is good with the next round of papers due, but unfortunately this first week of headlines since Election Day has given me no reason to be more optimistic. We’re going to have to stay on our guard, I’m afraid.

I’ve been grateful to have a great community at my school. The first post-election week meeting with my volunteer group for UCD’s anti-sexual violence organization–a group that consists mostly of women, entirely of POC and has LGBTQIA members–happened to be an allyship workshop with the Cross Cultural Center, and it was one of shared mourning but also some hope. I also attended a fantastic Panel of Powerful Women that California’s Women’s List put on with California state senate candidate Mariko Yamada, truly fabulous sociology professor Laila Kiburi, and Lisa Pruitt, the first lawyer to convict rape as a war crime. Seriously, it was an amazing night. These were nice moments that gave me renewed optimism and a feeling of solidarity for a little while, but more importantly, it made me realize that we really need to carry on and fight. And my favorite professor (whom I’m so honored to be writing my thesis with) also hosted a free ice cream social at this wonderful local organic ice cream place for our class–all on her. After such a rough week, this was such an unexpected and sweet gesture.

UC Davis has had its problems, but I love my diverse, progressive, welcoming, hippie school. I really do. Since this will likely be my last year, I’ve decided to take more advantage of what this blessed little bubble has to offer. I also attended a fun lecture on “What Makes Chinese Cuisine So Good?” (the food provided was great!) Also, I auditioned a piece I wrote for V* Stories, the Women’s Resources and Research Center’s more inclusive student production inspired by Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues. I’ve become more confident in my writing, but I still don’t write a lot of personal pieces and I’ve never performed publicly like this, but I’ve been getting more and more passionate about writing and intersectional feminism and last year’s show was seriously so good. I was so nervous going into it, but if I can do this, it’ll be a pretty amazing experience for my last year.

I’ll be flying home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. I wish I could be looking more forward to it than I am. But you know, it’ll be nice to have home cooked meals. The brother and I are going to catch some of the amazing end-of-the-year movie releases, too.


Continued Othello in Shakespeare. EVELINA by Frances Burney in Women’s Writing and Sigmund Freud’s “The Uncanny” and “The Interpretation of Dreams” in Literary Theory. Comparative phylogeography and the Quarternary in Biogeography.


I was planning to finish Young Justice (at least until the just released Season 3 comes out) this week, but I have papers to finish so I got derailed. This is the same reason I still haven’t finished HUMAN ACTS by Han Kang, which is a shame–like THE VEGETARIAN, my favorite read of the year so far, it’s surreal and poetic and brutal and grapples with some very difficult questions about humanity, but in a more explicitly political context–it’s about the South Korean government’s violent suppression of student protesters in 1980. Feels disquietingly relevant too.

I did rewatch Hot Fuzz with the roommate, which was fun. My Discover Weekly playlist was quite good this week–Kurt Vile, Sjowgren, The Monkees, Caroline Smith, Joan Armatrading, Marlon Williams, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, and I also listened to Daniel Bachman’s self-titled album.


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