Life Update

Life Update: 10/31 – 11/6

This was a busy week that ended lazily–had two midterms, including Biogeography, and class registration for next quarter (got the classes I wanted, but now I’m thinking about changing them and might have to adjust for Pass 2, again, sigh) then a very sleepy weekend–but it was actually really rejuvenating! I feel a lot better about academics and writing. It was a week that just had a lot of encouragements.

The incredible Yiyun Li got back to me about possibly consulting my thesis (!!). The fabulous Tomi Adeyemi’s Pitch Wars entry finally went live for the agent round and it’s SO GOOD (CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE, and I also want to boost Judy Lin’s HUNGRY GHOSTS!). I attended a writing circle for Vagina* Our Stories, my school’s more inclusive, student-run annual production of the Vagina Monologues. I had the honor to see last year’s show with some of my awesome friends in it and it was so greatand since it’s my last year, I’m considering taking a leap of faith and auditioning. And thanks to Gwenda Bond, I now have another writing mentor, MG author Hayley Chewins! We’ve just started communicating but she’s been such a sweetheart and her 2017 debut, THE TURNAWAY GIRLS, sounds gorgeous. I’m so excited to dive right back into this manuscript! Also, Her Campus shared my article, “Why You Should Still Vote, Even If You Don’t Like Either Candidate“, on their national Facebook page!

And yes, I voted. Not only did I vote for Hillary Clinton, I double checked my ballot at least three times to make sure I didn’t somehow vote for Trump even accidentally.

OH! And Halloween was on Monday! The housemates got $3 Chipotle! I dressed up as Harley Quinn, but see, it was way cooler cuz my housemate was Poison Ivy. (My friends all brought their A-game: Kiki’s Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, brown Hermione, Rey, several Wonder Woman, steampunk Leia. Hell yeah.)


♠ Much Ado About Nothing in Shakespeare! Really enjoyed this one because of Beatrice and Benedick, hands down the best couple so far (the King of France in Lear was pretty awesome, but man, why are all of Shakespeare’s non-Benedick leads such dweeby men?)

♣ Besides the midterm, we did start the second half of Biogeography. Plate tectonics and continental drift–not my strong suit–but next week we’ll be moving into phylogeny!

♥ Schiller’s “On the Aesthetic Education of Man” and the Master-Slave Dialectic from Hegel’s “Phenomenology of Spirit” in Literary Theory

♦ Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Turkish Embassy Letters in Women’s Writing, which were fascinating!


I finished the Rejected Princesses book and I LOVE it, and I finished GONE GIRL! I thought there were some contrivances, but the characterizations were pitch-perfect. Got my first proper library haul of the year too, which I’m excited about.

I kept planning to watch The Guest or The Invitation or The Neon Demon (now on Amazon Prime!), but my housemate roped me into watching WHITE CHICKS instead. It was dumb.

Pretty good Discover Weekly playlist but no big standouts, though I did listen to Kate Bush’s Never for Ever album. Played “Running Up That Hill” quite a few times too.


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