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Treasure Box: October 2016

October is my favorite month, because I LOVE Halloween, so this is a very special Treasure Box of Tricks and Treats!

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky…

Take Back Halloween is one of my favorite Halloween treasures. It’s an awesome feminist costume guide that provides a geeky alternative to your standard Sexy Ken Bone costumes with instructions for costumes celebrating women of history and mythology. It’s a terrific resource and their costume contest always has amazing entries!

♦ One of my favorite Batman moments in the Justice League animated series was when Kevin Conroy sang “Am I Blue?”, and now you can hear a full version here!

♦ Atlas Obscura has a great trove of oddities for 31 Days of Halloween (they have an article on sokushinbutsu!) But the creepiest might be from 2014, this horrific tale of undying lust in the form of necrophilia. For this year’s batch, there’s also the gruesome tragedy of the fiery and covered-up deaths of Oscar Wilde’s half-sisters. There’s also this handy guide to cemetery symbolism from 2014!

♦ Inktober has been going on, and so has a witchy variant called 31 Witches! Some of my favorites are by Zee Arts and Kicking Shoes:

Two different takes on “Seamstress Witch“! 

♦ The election stopped being funny well before “the Republican candidate is probably a sexual predator” became an issue, but with only a week to go before Judgment Day–er, Election Day–there’s definitely been some good stuff in the last burst of election content:

I did manage to milk some laughs out of an amazing text my dad sent me, “Astrologers from around the world are gathering in Orange County to predict who will win the election,” and I would like to share it with you.

It’s easy to forget that this really is a historic election. We hear sometimes that Victoria Woodhull was technically the first female presidential candidate, but I didn’t realize her story was this fascinating!

Finally, here’s this nice thing from good ol’ NPR, “5 Facts That Are Not About the Election.”  Thanks, grown-up PBS! (I really do not mean that as an insult in any way.)

♦ I associate Halloween with the Harry Potter movies thanks to the channel formerly known as ABC Family, so let’s enjoy this sexy HP-themed boudoir shoot with Zach Howell!


♦ I feel like I shouldn’t be so amused by this:

♦ Cracked also has a lot of great macabre content every Halloween. This was a really nice piece on “Hiroshima shadows and 4 other haunting historical remnants.”

♦ An oldie: the inspiration behind my Spirit Board poem, a fascinating Smithsonian article on the history of the Ouija board! Really interesting discussion about the ideomotor effect!

♦ “An epic battle between feminism and deep-seated misogyny is underway in South Korea” is a worthy title in this clickbait landscape, but it’s actually a powerful and frightening article.

♦ Paralympian Josh Sundquist, who does amazing Halloween costumes each year:


♦ For this month’s Very Serious Entry, I wanted to do something Halloween related. There’s been more conversation about racism in Halloween costumes, but the way horror contributes (and contributes strongly) to stigmatizing mental illness hasn’t really been tied specifically to this time of year. This is a good piece about it.

♦ I really wanted to have 13 entries, so here’s…



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