Life Update: 10/17 – 10/23

This week started off slow and more stressful than it probably should have been, but in retrospect it wasn’t bad. I had to do another essay–creating a philosophical dialogue for Literary Theory. But I also got to:

♦ Hang out with the awesome women at Her Campus, first at a boba milk tea fundraiser and then at the wonderful FarmVille farmer’s market!

♦ Got really good Middle Eastern food and went to a party (my second party ever in all of college, I live wild) with a friend from freshman year

♦ Apartment complex BBQ

♦ Sex Jeopardy with my volunteer group, as part of a workshop promoting sexual health awareness (my team was “Jimmy Phallus”)

♦ Went to the park outside my apartment to watch a meteor shower, but I didn’t see any meteors.

I also started talking with my favorite prof about my creative thesis. I’m really excited about that!


♦ Read King Lear in Shakespeare! I especially enjoyed it because I’m a big fan of the movie Ran by Akira Kurosawa, and it was great to compare them.

♦ Immanuel Kant in Literary Theory. Yep.

♦ Moved back to the 17th century in Women’s Lit with Mary Astell’s “A Serious Proposal to the Ladies,” as well as Judith Drake’s “Essay in Defence of her Sex” and Daniel Defoe’s counterproposal.

♦ More about population density and range morphology in Biogeography. Thursday’s lecture was more fun, moving into environmental physiology as a range factor. So less math, more cool critters like ballooning spiders (yes, exactly like in Charlotte’s Web) and tree snails that are endemic only to kipukas.


Finally read Anna-Marie McLemore’s enchanting The Weight of Feathers follow-up, WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS, and made an accompanying playlist! And I finally watched another movie, as my Netflix subscription expires tomorrow, the great noir LAURA.

So an album finally came along that broke my music rut, and of all the things, it was ODE TO DAWN WIENER: EMBARRASSING LOVE SONGS by Nicole Dollanganger. This is a really creepy album. Like, I was actually uncomfortable to listen at first (it doesn’t help that her most recent album cover art and Tumblr are horrific). But it’s also damn good.

There were also some cool new stuff for artists I already like. Zella Day released a new single, “Man on the Moon”, and a 2017 release date for her sophomore album! I wasn’t a huge fan of the new electropop sound, though, but we will see. Joanna Newsom’s Divers outtake, “Make Hay”, was better. Glass Animals also unveiled a new website and did a fun Buzzfeed video performing “Gooey” with toy instruments!


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