Life Update

Life Update: 10/10 – 10/16

And Crunch Time has begun! I spent most of this weekend working on my first papers. Both were feminist critiques, one for Pride and Prejudice (which I love) and one for Measure for Measure (a deeply problematic play that I was kind of fascinated by as well).

Earlier, I finished Justice League Unlimited and attended an info session on the LSAT. I’ve been thinking about law school if publishing doesn’t come through. I’m still unsure, but I kind of really enjoyed the practice problems (I grew up on logic puzzles so I guess the LSAT seems…fun to me now?) and literally right after that, Jeff Zentner, an author and person I admire, revealed on his Twitter that his day job is prosecuting rapists, which is what I had been thinking about doing.

Speaking of punishing rapists and standing up for women, my ballot arrived. So.


Yet more Measure for Measure and Pride and Prejudice in Shakespeare and Women’s Writing. Literary Theory got more modern and denser with Sir Philip Sidney’s “Defense of Poesy” and David Hume’s “On the Standard of Taste”. Metapopulations and areography in Biogeography.


I’m almost done with the September/October book for Emma Watson’s feminist book club, HALF THE SKY: TURNING OPPRESSION INTO OPPORTUNITY WORLDWIDE, but was derailed by papers–I’ll finally have a proper post with my review up next week! Spend the weekend writing papers, so no movies. Not totally out of my music rut–mostly revisited Suede–but my Discover Weekly playlist had some good songs by Lady Lamb and Lemon Jelly and I also listened to some Odetta, the black folk singer who inspired Bob Dylan.


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