Life Update

Life Update: 10/3 – 10/9

This week was pretty productive to start with, so the last few days have been very light in comparison. Papers will be coming up soon, though, so there’s that. But for now, I got to finish the first two seasons of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED (which was great–by Season 2, I was taking notes for my own writing) and enjoy an autumn picnic with the housemates. I contributed apple cider and toasted ravioli, which we had with cream of mushroom soup in bread bowls, rotisserie chicken, and homemade pumpkin pie in the park.

I also took an online test to potentially compete on Jeopardy!, but they won’t tell me how I did or contact me unless they want an audition, which could be up to a year from now, so I’m just going to not worry about that, heh.

Oh! And I also backed my first Kickstarter campaign! It’s called POWER & MAGIC: THE QUEER WITCH COMICS ANTHOLOGY so it’ll be all about queer witches of color! And it hit the goal and then some, so I’ll be seeing my print edition come January!


Read the deeply problematic and strangely fascinating Measure for Measure for my Shakespeare class, Aristotle’s Poetics and Horace’s Ars Poetica in Literary Theory, and the challenges of biogeographical methodology and classification in Bio-Geo. More on Pride and Prejudice in Women’s Writing, including a fun day devoted to media adaptations–which meant a certain lake scene and The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.


No movies this week because I’ve been working my way through JLU, and kind of a music rut–streamed Springtime Carnivore’s second album but that’s about it. Did read THE HEROINE COMPLEX, which I appreciated for the Asian-American female superheroes.


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