Life Update: 9/26 – 10/2

This week, I had my first Her Campus and CARE meetings, which were both pretty exciting–lots of stuff to do! I presented at the HC meeting for the first time, as I’m now a Senior Editor, and trained the new members of the editing team. I’m excited.

Aside from a wasp sting, this week wasn’t too painful. I got sushi for a friend’s 21st birthday party twice and drove with the housemates to 99 Ranch Market in Sacramento! I also finished JUSTICE LEAGUE and started UNLIMITED.


I didn’t watch the first presidential debate, but blood did start coming out of my wherever, which I like to think was a gesture in solidarity. (Correction: this is the crassest joke I will ever make on this blog.)


Read As You Like It for Shakespeare, Plato’s Republic for Literary Theory, and Pride and Prejudice (for the fifth time!) for Women’s Literature Before 1800. Finished the history portion of Biogeography and moved into Wallace’s canons and classifications.


Finally read Anne of Green Gables (long overdue, I know!) and listened to Jeff Buckley (likewise). Also, “Fashion” by The Royal Concept is a banger.

I watched this stunningly awful dance movie on DANCIN’ IT’S ON–I heard about this thing because Brad Jones called it “Birdemic if the birds never showed up”, and it was on Netflix for some reason so I watched it and heavens, yes, it was bad. I also watched infinitely better THE WITCH to kick off October.


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