Treasure Box

Treasure Box: September 2016

It’s time for September’s Treasure Box!

The iconic Tiffany box.

♦ Owen Ellickson’s hilarious “Trump Leaks” tweets–collected here!

♦ This is fascinating: here are two different reads on the full-blown industry behind gold farming, or earning video game currency to exchange for real money (one from an American and one from a Chinese perspective).

♦ Great interview with Wendy Xu and 6 Asian-American female authors!

♦ I assumed I’d be done with sports until the Tokyo Olympics, but apparently the World Nomad Games are a thing, with competitions like “eagle hunting, horseback wrestling, and setting people on fire. Also, this game where you chuck javelins at people to knock them off their horse.” But also stuff like traditional archery which is…this, apparently:


♦ Also thanks to Rejected Princesses, here’s this amazing damn headline: “Hundreds of nuns trained in Kung Fu are biking the Himalayas to oppose human trafficking.”

♦ I’ve been getting into Brad Jones (aka The Cinema Snob). My favorite is his “Religious Movies” playlist.

♦ Here’s an interesting article on what the most banned books in America say about us. Hint: if you’re in the camp of the presidential election/Internet that says ‘political correctness’ is causing more censorship…you might want to look closer to home.

♦ More election humor, this time from national treasure Chuck Tingle.

♦ And yet another election-related piece, this one on the emerging political clout of so-called women’s media. I included this one because I also write for a “women’s magazine”, and I admit I too was worried at first it would be too fluff.

♦ Since I’ve been watching Justice League: you might’ve heard the huge news that the current Wonder Woman writer confirmed Diana of Themyscira to be canonically queer, but the actual interview is worth a read.


♦ I realize many of my ‘treasures’ from month to month touch on more serious issues, so this Very Serious designation is pretty arbitrary, and so it goes for this month. Is marginalized representation really more serious than human trafficking or the impending Age of Fire? No, I’m not arguing that. But I still want to call special attention to a just-announced initiative at Pop Goes the Reader called “Raise Your Voice 2016:

RAISE YOUR VOICE is an attempt to demonstrate how important and powerful inclusive fiction truly is. Over the course of the series, twenty authors will be raising their collective voices to effect positive change, highlighting books with sensitive and accurate representation of issues of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, body positivity and neurodiversity. While it’s crucial to identify poor representation and critically examine what went wrong and how to improve on these failures in the future, I believe it’s equally important to celebrate those books that get it right. This is particularly true in the case of #OwnVoices stories, in which authors are courageously and generously sharing a piece of themselves and their own experiences.


A lot of amazing authors are participating, and this is something that I too am hoping to get better about, so yeah, definitely check that out!

See you all in October! Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m VERY excited for next month’s Box.



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