Life Update

Life Update 9/18 – 9/25: Back to School

So last week was my first week back at school!


This is my third–and quite possibly final–year as an undergrad, so it’s especially exciting. I’ve been settling into the new apartment and attending a few welcome week events with the roommate’s church group, but really the important thing was the start of the new year and quarter. Well, that and this.



My new classes for fall quarter are Shakespeare, Literary Theory, Women’s Writing Before 1800, and Biogeography for my Bio minor. All the English professors I’ve had before and liked, and while discussion sections and theory admittedly are going to be a drag, that does help. I’m also quite excited for my bio class, actually. I suck at geography and always have, but the material looks interesting.


Read TALES OF MIST AND MAGIC by Marya Miller, an ARC I received through Tomi Adeyemi’s writing group! Check back on October 5th for my review!

Didn’t watch any movies, but I did listen to The Graduate soundtrack, which inspired me to put on Simon & Garfunkel. Also finally listened to Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue.


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