Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion: Spirit Board

Hey! So I realized I still had a few poems left that I haven’t posted–from my workshop application! These are a little older and more conceptual/less surreal. They’re almost certainly rougher, but I thought it would be fun to post them unaltered. Here’s the first, “Spirit Board.” Hope you enjoy! 

You lay your hands over mine as I

Hold the planchette, the shape of a heart.

A little electric pulse surges through me,

Turning my veins into wires,

And we haven’t even begun.

Though the material world,

Corporeal as flesh and wood,

And not the hazy vagaries of unseen spirits,

Is to blame.


Our skeptics’ fingers move as one,

On that plane where ‘yes’ and ‘no’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘hello’

Are clear even by candlelight,

Occupying distinct poles with no overlap.

As we strain to read the signs, to form words,

You tell me such things began as an innocent parlor game,

That it is only recently these thrills best enjoyed at night

Took on a more spiritual, or sinister, significance,

And only thanks to the church, and to the movies.


You tell me about the ideometor effect

As we rock back and forth—

How the subconscious mind manifests itself

In physical movements,

And how minute motions are felt

And amplified by a partner in the darkness,

Even as we insist it is not of our volition,

But some other, mysterious, possibly demonic entity,

Directing our compulsions.















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