Life Update

Life Update 9/11 – 9/17: End of Summer

This is it. It’s not my last day of summer–classes don’t start till Wednesday–but today, I will be flying back to NorCal for college.

This week has really been wrapping things up–the most ‘exciting’ thing that happened was a tooth extraction–but things have been productive on the writing front. I’m on good pace to finish Tomi Adeyemi’s #WeWriteNow challenge, which has been so helpful. Through that writing group, I also received a digital copy of an ARC of a fantasy flash fiction collection, TALES OF MIST AND MAGIC by Marya Miller!

But ultimately, this last week was really about spending time with family. It coincided nicely with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which meant mooncakes! But even aside from that, I was happy to get some last bonding time with the parentals and grandparentals.

Catch you later.


READ: the great THE SERPENT KING by Jeff Zentner. Very good book for moving into the new school year!

WATCHED: the fantastically plotted IN BRUGES, MYSTIC RIVER, and GIANT.

LISTENED: Elizabeth Le Fey’s witchy folk album as Globelamp, THE ORANGE GLOW.

I also have a TV recommendation this week: the 2000s JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series, which I was a little young for when it originally aired, but is really awesome! I can’t wait to watch more.


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