Life Update

Life Update: 9/4 – 9/10

This week has been very productive. I signed up for Tomi Adeyemi’s #WeWriteNow challenge, and it’s been incredibly helpful at getting revisions back on track. I went back and finished Act I and I’ve been hitting my 1000-word goal every day, so yay! I’m also doing Monday #GLAMSquad sprints on Twitter with Tomi and her mentor, Ashley Hearn (whose agent is my boss!)

Also, Tomi asked me if I’d be interested in contributing a guest post to her website on account of my experience as a lit agency intern. Of course I said yes and I’ve turned in a draft. So that’s exciting!


READ: two thrillers by Queens of Crime, some 80 years apart: PERIL AT END HOUSE by Agatha Christie (my dad’s been on a David Suchet’s Poirot kick, which revived my middle school love for Christie) and YOU WILL KNOW ME by Megan Abbott (the Final Five put me in a gymnastics mood).

WATCHED: I was strangely underwhelmed by all my movies these week, even though they included stuff like THE CROW (RIP Brandon Lee), BOYHOOD, and MAD MAX. OLDBOY certainly left an impression on me, though.

LISTENED: Judee Sill, Kate Bush, Mazzy Star, and Roy Harper!


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