Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion: Siamese Twin


China boy, with inlaid eyes like the eggs of a sparrow,

Jet candyfloss lashes, three-color lips a work of art.

Little blue and white, cobalt oxide, Ming porcelain heart,

And milk-white blanc de chine bones filled with matte marrow.

Oh, my miniature glazed honey, as fair as a pharaoh!

You insult your kiln to renounce the kaolin in each part—

Fragile as a flower crown, precise as a natal chart,

But a stoneware girl was shattered by a china arrow—


She was crafted of the same finest clay,

Whiter, smoother even. Though not so fair

In sculpt. A more crudely made china fay,

Rougher, but sturdier, and no less rare.

China and hardy, not that it mattered;

When my china boy struck I still shattered.

Picture credit: Ah Xian. 


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