Treasure Box

Treasure Box: August 2016

Welcome to August’s Treasure Box! This month’s is a little quirkier and pop culture inspired. But still good!


Reliquary Chasse with the Crucifixion and Christ in Majesty, 1180.

Lilo and Stitch is my favorite Disney movie, so here’s a nice AV Club article revisiting its overlooked progressivism from a post-Frozen lens.

♦ The cast of Huan Zhu Ge Ge reunite for Ruby Lin’s wedding!!

♦ BATARANGS! On AIRPLANES! (Well, not quite.)

♦ I was pleasantly surprised when this was actually funny.


♦ So I’ve discovered Reductress, which is basically a feminist version of The Onion, and it is savage. This made me laugh a lot: “I Married a Man Because I Was So Impressed That He Could Say Ni Hao.”

♦ We can all agree women basically crushed it at the Olympics, but of course, they weren’t allowed to for many years–so here’s a nifty throwback to the possibly legendary Heraean Games!

♦ On the subject of Greek women kicking ass, here’s an open letter from Wonder Woman, aka the only good thing about Batman v. Superman, to those selfsame sorry pouty excuses for heroes.

♦ I have mixed feelings about Tumblr but apparently “Studyblr” is a thing? Like a Tumblr community for studying? Ack, it’s times like this when I almost wish I had used the Internet more when I was in high school.

♦ SKUNKS!!! Side note: if I had a pet skunk, I would name him Alain.

View story at

♦ All the “look how weird Japan (or China) is” headlines are usually kind of xenophobic–if not outright B.S.–but I admit I found this one, “‘The handsome weeping boys’ paid to wipe away your tears“, rather striking. (It’s meant to address the cultural stigma in Japan against open displays of emotion.)

♦ I’m not too familiar with science fiction, but I have been hearing about the Hugos controversy and was happy about the results, and it did bring us a true hero in Chuck TinglerThe man is a goddamned national treasure! In all honesty, people like Tingler just go to show that REAL LOVE will triumph over the Devilmen.

The most explicit photo I will ever put on this blog. 

♦ Finally, for my more serious bullet point, I’m returning to one of my passion issues: the atrocious way our society reacts towards sexual violence. An argument you hear sometimes is that, even though That’s Terrible, rape is just so hard to prove, and you wouldn’t want to increase the marginal and overblown possibility of false accusations. Snark aside, I would concede that concrete policy solutions need to be discussed more.

ProPublicaProject had a famous piece a while back called “An Unbelievable Story of Rape” that exposed how police departments not only dismissed reports of rape, but straight-up coerced victims into retracting allegations. Now they have a follow-up piece that brainstorms some actual ways we could get more proactive about prosecuting rapists.

Ta-Ta for now, buckaroos, and see you next month for September’s Box!


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