Book Release: American Witches

Today is the release date for Susan Fair’s AMERICAN WITCHES: A BROOMSTICK TOUR THROUGH FOUR CENTURIES! I was very happy to win an ARC on Twitter, so for the release date, I wanted to commemorate the book with a second short blog post. Since I’ve long loved witches, and my official review touched with some a mini-homage to my favorite witchy women in pop culture, I decided to expand on that for a fun celebration post. But first, get a recap of why you should check out some wonderfully weird history here!

american witches

My Favorite Witches in Pop Culture

1. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

Levio-duh. I totally was that student who raised her hand all the time and was honestly kind of obnoxious, so I really related to Hermione. My 5th grade teacher once told me my library book was here (“Camino Grove Elementary School, A History”). Still not over it.

2. Raven, Teen Titans


Teen Titans was one of my favorite TV shows during my childhood, and Raven is neck-in-neck with Hermione for the character I related to the most. She made staying indoors and reading all day seem cool, but her vulnerability felt incredibly real. The “Spellbound” episode, in particular, has continued to resonate with me a lot.

3. Alex Russo – Wizards of Waverly Place


Yep, Disney Channel. I actually really like Wizards of Waverly Place and think Selena Gomez gave a great performance. I would also posit that Alex is actually quite a well-rounded and developed character beneath her bad-girl antics.

4. Kiki – Kiki’s Delivery Service


loved this movie when I was like 5 years old–but I can’t remember it at all now! She still gets a spot, though, out of pure nostalgia. Definitely have to rewatch this!

5. Misty Day – American Horror Story: Coven


This show was such a mess, but I still adore Lily Rabe’s Stevie Nicks-loving swamp sweetheart. She gets bonus points for being the only character on this list who is both American and technically described as a ‘witch’.

6. Galinda Upland, Wicked


I feel like I should’ve related to Elphaba, on account of being gawky and unpopular, but the future Good Witch of the North was actually my favorite. I thought she was actually the more complex and interesting character. I’m not sure if it’s a wish fulfillment thing since I was so not that in high school, but I’ve noticed I have a soft spot for popular, pretty, blonde rich girls who can be selfish and spoiled but also genuinely sweet.

7. Mimosa – The Secret of a Heart Note


I was so blessed to receive a signed ARC of this book. Stacey Lee is probably my favorite YA author, so imagine my excitement when I learned her next book is about witches, and love witches at that! I’ll be writing my review for Her Campus at UC Davis, but stop by this blog on December 27. I’ll have a fun post planned for that book release as well!

Congratulations to Fair on her fabulous new book, and definitely check out American Witches! 


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