Poetry in Motion

’90s Throwback Riot Grrrl Revival

I wrote this poem during the college year when meeting up with a gal pal. She wanted to write more and I suggested we write poems about female empowerment. I was in a bit of a Riot Grrrl mood. The photo in the cover image is from Etsy, because Mad Max: Fury Road is awesome. 


i’m a feminist but i don’t hate men. never hate

your enemies, it clouds your judgment. zing! see,


now that was a joke. i won’t say i love men

because the fact that feminists have to love


men is why we need feminism, not to play

oppression herean games but would you expect me to say i love


white people? but that joke was anti-male!

says the people


who call women dumb bitches and whores and somebody

call svu cuz i just raped


that test and why can’t feminists take a joke???????? just

like they can’t take the truth, we’re not sexist, it’s the truth that women should


earn less and speak less and be raped

more. just like it’s the truth that men rape


more children, shoot more schools, and read fewer books—now hold

on there, you uppity cunt, why do you hate men???? i don’t, i’m just speaking


the truth, men are fifty percent of the population and sixty-six percent of screen roles and ninety percent of congress and ninety-five percent of violent crimes.


women are catty. the real enemy of women

isn’t the men who commit ninety five percent of rapes, it’s other women


who call each other sluts. it’s not as if men

send ninety nine percent of the death


threats against women over video games. it’s not as if men

would rather widows go up in smoke than in orgasm. it’s not


as if men determine lineage by paternity

as if that makes any goddamned sense. hell


hath no fury like a women scorned. not even a man

scorned, who is far more likely to murder


his ex girlfriend than the other way around. it’s not

oppression, it’s biology. or economics. no one has ever been oppressed


in the name of biology or economics. it’s not sexism, it’s

logic. bitches be crazy. feminists are just


bitching. women are so hysterical. they should be

locked up in an insane asylum and let the men have a go


at their genitals, that’ll cure them.

you know they want it.


boy i’m not a feminist because i hate men. feminism

is the only thing that gives me hope for them. 













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