Life Update

Life Update: 8/1 – 8/7

This week went off to an inauspicious start with a power outage, but otherwise it went pretty well. The highlight, of course, was meeting Stacey Lee (and picking up an ARC of her next book–read more here!)


But there was also much good food and catching up with friends, which was also welcome.

I made the Parmesan pullaparts with my high school best friend (we also made cinnamon but those didn’t deserve pics); the far right is my mom’s fabulous dinner for our RIO OLYMPICS family viewing party; the middle is just a surprisingly artful Olive Garden joint.

Oh, and I wrote stuff too.


Enjoyed THE GHOST BRIDE by Yangsze Choo. My favorite song discovery was “Snowflake” by Carl Broemel, though I also enjoyed “Holy Roller” by Thao and “Gardenia” by Iggy Pop. And I watched THE ABC MURDERS with David Suchet. I went through a big Agatha Christie phase in middle school and this definitely renewed my appreciation!


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