Pokemon Go Book Tag

I really want to get into Pokemon Go. Most of my peers were fellow Asian kids growing up in the 2000s, so Pokemon was–and is–everywhere in my childhood. I suck at gaming, and I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan of the franchise, but it’s been surprisingly fun seeing Pokemon again. All my housemates have the app, of course, but I’ve tried not to download,as I have a pretty addictive personality (here’s looking at you, Neko Atsume).

So when I saw this book tag by Read at Midnight over on Kat Cho‘s blog, I was pretty excited. Cuz books! I can do that!




I honestly don’t remember a time when I didn’t love reading, but Chrysanthemum was one of my earliest favorites, and Kevin Henkes’s books my first craze.



I was tempted to put A Little Princess, even though I used it in an earlier book tag, as that will always be my “Problematic Fave.” But I decided to spread the wealth. This book has a lot of haters, but I think it’s sublime.



I don’t believe that art inherently loses its value after it gets ‘too popular’, but admittedly the ubiquity of the Hunger Games franchise (and subsequent knockoffs) has made it easy to forget how much I really did like Catching Fire in particular (the movie was great too!)



I’m reading this right now, and the romantic intrigue combined with the vivid portrayal of the Chinese afterlife has made me feel a bit of deja vu to Peony in Love. But that isn’t really fair, because this is quite memorable in its own right. And there’s certainly room for more than one novel about something as intricate and fantastic as the Chinese afterlife!pokemon-tag-05-snorlax



I actually am not a huge fan of big books, the Harry Potter series an obvious exception. But I’m definitely a fan of the King so I do hope to get around to this someday. IT and several Russian novels also fall into this category.



Even though my dad was a big Stephen King fan, I didn’t read a ton of horror growing up–I never read Goosebumps and was way too chicken for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. (Oddly enough, I don’t seem to scare easily now–I liked It Follows, The Babadook, and Goodnight Mommy but wasn’t scared by them.) I actually only read one story in this while in a bookstore, but that one story was enough, because it was THAT STORY. (You know which.)  pokemon-tag07-nidokingqueen


Well, that was an easy one. Next.



I tore through this in a day. I guess you could say it’s more of a slow burn thriller (no pun intended) but seriously, the teen drama in this was intense. 



I’m actually not a huge fan of spin-offs, which might seem weird since I’ve grown to accept “reboots” (remember when they were “remakes”?) I haven’t rushed to pick up Stars Above (though I am looking forward to Wires & Nerve!) or even The Cursed Child. So I guess the Nancy Drew series is the only one that really applies. I admit I was pretty disappointed when the TV series wasn’t picked up.



I only bought this because someone was selling it on Facebook for $4, and expected it to be kind of stuffy, but I actually really enjoyed it!



I can’t say yet if it was ‘over’-hyped, since I haven’t read it yet, but I definitely have seen talk about this everywhere. Nonetheless, I got my reserve copy from the library just yesterday and I’m excited to start!



This isn’t an actual edition you can purchase, but a design concept by Elizabeth Perez. But LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT!



S. Jae-Jones writes for Publishing Crawl, one of my favorite sites about the industry. Her blog has some pretty great features about the conception behind this book, pitched as a retelling of Labyrinth with music, so I signed up for her newsletter and will be following along till its release!



Oddly, I can love an author but not necessarily feel compelled to read everything they write. For example, I really did love The Lunar Chronicles, but am not especially interested in Heartless. Definitely plan to follow Stacey Lee’s career as closely as I can, though.



Myth-O-Mania was one of my first favorite series, and agh, I found it so frustrating that Go for the Gold, Atalanta! ended with Hades going “on vacation”! (Seriously, does that mean we should expect more books or not??) So when the ninth book came out 10 years later I was pretty psyched–but then it comes out with a different artist! Ack!

And those are my choices! (See what I did there? No, because it sucked? Well.) If you liked the tag and want to join, feel free. And thanks again to Read at Midnight!


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