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Life Update: 7/25 – 7/31

This past week wasn’t bad–went to a wedding reception and the local farmer’s market, as well as Souplantation and a Thai restaurant–but it wasn’t very productive. Little bummed; if I’d only bought the SCBWI LA conference tickets as soon as I decided on going, I might’ve gone to that, but can’t win them all. You can lose them all, but you can’t win them all.

Oh, and I attended a limited release screening of BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE. I did enjoy it, mostly on the strength of the dialogue as a sensational showcase for Mark Hamill’s brilliance, though some inexplicable plot decisions and the even more baffling spotty quality of the animation were pretty disappointing.



Read the soulful DEVIL AND THE BLUEBIRD by Jennifer Mason Black, a musical devil-at-the-crossroads YA that also touches movingly on the experience of LGBT and homeless youth. Also watched ROOM with Brie Larson.

It was a good week for music. New songs by Glass Animals, Springtime Carnivore, and Father John Misty. Also listened to some female R&B and “Telephone” by Mo Kenney. Also, the Hannah Montana Season 1 soundtrack. It’s catchy.



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