Treasure Box

Treasure Box: July 2016

Welcome to July’s Treasure Box! As predicted, this box is a bit shorter than the super-sized June entry, on account of my two weeks in Asia, but there’s still lots of good stuff.

Faberge cloisonné enamel box. 

♦ The Edo spinning tops of 80-year-old Japanese toymaker Masaaki Hiroi.

♦ A nice article for the 100th birthday of Olivia de Havilland, for all you old movie fans.

♦ I’m not sure this article goes quite as far in exploring the implications of its argument as it could have (some more anthropological research seems needed, and seems to lean way too heavily on the influence of ancient Greece) but I like the question in this Fusion piece–why cannibalism has died out but rape hasn’t–a lot.

♦ Here’s something that I feel really strongly about: new, comprehensive infographics on gender bias in the film industry.

♦ Tim Allen’s Real Monsters: “an ongoing personal project exploring mental health through character design. The project aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and aims to educate about lesser well known conditions. The work has been featured in many online and print publications such as Anxiety UK, TWLOHA and NAMI.”


These adorable punny plushes – I first saw them on Kickstarter, and I was especially excited to learn recently that the designer is from  UC Davis!


♦ READ READ READ Rejected Princesses’ response to Mike Pence’s “Disney’s Mulan is liberal propaganda” with an amazing freaking list of Chinese martial heroines.

♦ Oh Vogue, you of “Chanel Puts the ‘Oui’ in ‘Wheat.'” Rosé gummy bears do sound neat, though. I guess if Vogue was going to do anything DIY, DIY rosé is it.

♦ July, of course, is SDCC month. So here’s the fabulous Tara Strong herself as Harley Quinn!


♦ My favorite animal since childhood is the tiger, and I love handsome men, so here’s Arifin Putra for World Wildlife Fund’s Global Tiger Day campaign!

♦ This whole Box has been more serious than usual–what with the political conventions, I’ve been in an apocalyptic mood–but for my capital-I Important entry, with an out-and-proud bigot in an unacceptably good position to become President, I want to draw attention to two types of prejudice that aren’t talked about quite so much on the Internet, but are way more prevalent than a lot of people (myself included) often think about.

The first is anti-Semitism, which I think is especially important to think about with Trump’s ascendancy empowering Neo-Nazi supporters. Dana Schwartz‘s open letter to Jared Kushner following the “Crooked Hillary” Star of David meme went viral, but she’s continued to be absolutely barraged with hateful messages that are just beyond appalling. There’s a tendency to see anti-Semitism as a thing of the past–consider the acceptance of ‘edgy’ Holocaust jokes–but they’re not so funny when Jews are still the most common target of religiously motivated hate crimes in the U.S.

The second is ableism (discrimination against people with disabilities and mental disorders). This is a topic that I’m really just beginning to learn about, but after the horrifying and underreported Japan mass knife attack, I’m really hoping to change that.

That’s all for this month’s Treasure Box. See you next month!


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