My China/Taiwan Trip in Pictures

So I am back from my homeland!!! Here’s a quick breakdown:

-2 days in Taiwan

  • visited several temples to the goddesses Guan Yin (whose jade pendant I wear) and Mazu (whom I learned my grandmother prayed to when I was born!)
  • got a fortune (about my writing!!)
  • visited the beautiful Yehliu Geonational Park, where I saw some incredible rock formations by the sea (and had tiramisu milk tea!)
  • attended a Night Market!
  • the National Palace Museum! Unfortunately, the most famous artifact–the Jade Cabbage–is on tour, but it’s a great museum.
  • had the best beef noodle soup in Taipei (of 2015)! Yep, won a contest and everything.
  • the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

-7 days in southern China! We came for Fuijian Province, where my ancestors were from, so no, we didn’t see the major tourist/cultural sites like Beijing, Shanghai, etc. But that’s for another trip! And we did have a really excellent tour guide (even if he didn’t speak English, which meant I didn’t totally understand his anecdotes…but hey, learning experience) and I got to meet my mom’s extended family. There, we:

  • learned about the Hakka subgroup of the Han, visiting a cultural museum and real tulou farmhouses
  • took a (rainy but still spectacular) scenic boat ride through the mountains
  • saw a local Fuijian dance/acrobatics show with a spinning stage–the highlights were a kraken performer with a jet pack/hose stilts and a jump roper on a Wheel of Death!
  • also at Fuijian Province, we got paper fans with our family’s names on them!
  • tea tasting/knives/silk/jewelry/traditional medicine shops in Xiamen!
  • gorgeous ferry ride (on jade-colored waters) to an English-style seaside town
  • and finally, went to a very unique museum–at the top of a high tower on a mountain, with all the artifacts beneath the glass floor under our feet!

Miscellaneous pictures!












This little dog followed us all the way back to the tour bus! 





And look, there’s my name again!


(This was in our hotel room in Xiamen!) 



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