Life Update

Life Update: 6/27 – 7/3

Happy Independence Day Weekend! This year has been…messy for America (though to be fair, world politics as well-looking at you, Europe). All I can say is I hope the U.S. won’t move towards The Purge: Election Year, but to Freedom by Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar.

I’m not actually going to be in the USA on July 4th, though. Because today, I’M FLYING TO CHINA!!! I get back on the 13th, so I may or may not post very much next week, though I do have a book review pending.

Anyway, the past week here has been modestly eventful. I went to the local Asian night market, had my first book club meeting, and took an online writing assessment test for a tutoring job (fingers crossed). Also, I AM WAMPUS!


Neat, huh? AND I met up with my Girl Scouts troop for a rousing game of MARRYING MR. DARCY: THE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE CARD GAME. I was Georgiana Darcy and ended up an old maid, but had enough Character to tie for a victory, woot! WHICH MEANS:


Read the next book by my mentor, R.C. Lewis, SPINNING STARLIGHT. Watched some more movies; my favorites were STEVE JOBS and SON OF SAUL. As for music, I had “Heart It Races” by Architecture in Helsinki on repeat, and also American Murder Song’s second EP, Providence. I like it more than the first.


I started writing new words this week, and hope to get a lot done after I get back. Till then, Xiamen, here I come!

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