Book Review: The Weight of Feathers

I purchased THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS, Anna-Marie McLemore’s stunning magical realism YA, as part of Kate Brauning‘s Diverse Books giveaway. I was pointed to the offer after the Orlando shooting, and picked this in part because McLemore is Latina and queer (her much-anticipated next book, WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS, has LGBT as well as multicultural themes).… Continue reading Book Review: The Weight of Feathers


My China/Taiwan Trip in Pictures

So I am back from my homeland!!! Here’s a quick breakdown: -2 days in Taiwan visited several temples to the goddesses Guan Yin (whose jade pendant I wear) and Mazu (whom I learned my grandmother prayed to when I was born!) got a fortune (about my writing!!) visited the beautiful Yehliu Geonational Park, where I saw some… Continue reading My China/Taiwan Trip in Pictures


Book Review: Spinning Starlight

The second book by R.C. Lewis (aka my awesome mentor) is one I was really psyched to read. Whereas STITCHING SNOW is an adaptation of Snow White, SPINNING STARLIGHT is a retelling of “The Wild Swans” by Hans Christian Anderson. This lesser-known story is one of my favorites because, like “The Snow Queen”, it’s the rare fairy tale where the heroine saves the boys. In fact, I wrote… Continue reading Book Review: Spinning Starlight