Treasure Box

Treasure Box: June 2016

Welcome to June’s Treasure Box, your monthly trove of goodies, curiosities, and (for this month at least) creepy-crawlies, curated by me! For the month of June, here’s a super-sized Box, full of strong women, creepy Asians, and more:


♦ This incredibly bizarre tale of adultery and murder, starring Walburga Oesterrich, a wealthy woman who hid her much-younger lover in her attic…for 10 years.

♦ Fascinating read on Sonia Greene, H.P. Lovecraft’s wife.

♦ Also from Atlas Obscura: the story of Deadshot Mary, 1930s undercover cop in New York City.

♦ I know horror movie mashups tend to be trash, but Sadako vs. Kayako looks like my trash. You’ve probably seen the viral clip of their epic promotional baseball match, but the whole marketing campaign has been incredible – I especially love the Hello Kitty promos and beauty masks.  (On a side note: those cheerleading uniforms!)

♦ Public service announcement: Carrie Fisher is writing an advice column!

♦ This nifty site on yokai, or Japanese monsters.

♦ And here’s something even scarier to Asians: the Shanghai marriage market, where elderly parents try to find mates for their children. I’m going to China next month, y’all.

♦ You know that photograph of the gorgeously powerful Polynesian woman carrying a rock underwater? Turns out her name is Ha’a Keaulana and she has a beautiful Instagram!

♦ Mackenzi Lee has a great weekly feature called Bygone Badass Broads. This week is FANTASTIC: Ursula Nordstrom, queer publisher behind much of modern children’s literature!

♦ Fascinating conversation on the mind of my Patronus animal, the octopus!

♦ My brilliant colleague Anjali Bhat got a gig for USA Today! Here’s her wonderful write-up of the United State of Women Summit. ALSO, her sister, who is 16, made an app!!!  It’s called Chroma and gah, I can’t even tell you how inspired I am by these women.

♦ Hamilton‘s Phillipa Soo is playing AMELIE on Broadway!!! Check out this interview with her and Lea Salonga (currently starring in George Takei’s Allegiance, about the Japanese-American internment camps).


♦ I come from a family of physicians, so I have a lot of appreciation for the medical field. From Buzzfeed: 25 Pictures of Vintage Nurses.

♦ Very excited that The Daily Show standout Jessica Williams is getting her own show!!! Samantha Bee has been *killing* it on Full Frontal, so I’m so excited to see what Jessica will do. Here’s a highlight reel of her best Daily Show segments:

♦ In the wake of the Orlando shootings, here’s a slew of more serious pieces to close out this month’s Treasure Box. Here’s a Storify (and while you’re at it, read this one, which is singularly heartbreaking). And on the increasingly gloomy subject of mass shootings in America, read this article on the link between domestic violence and terrorism. And on terrorism, read this series from Cracked’s Robert Evans about what fighting ISIS is actually like.

That’s all for June. I’m going to China next month, so I expect the next Box might be a bit smaller. But then again, it is summer…


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