Life Update

Days of Summer: Life Update 6/6-6/12

No summertime sadness here: finals are over, fingers are crossed, and I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH MY SECOND YEAR OF COLLEGE!!!


All the news that’s fit to print:

♦ THE BIG DEVELOPMENT: introduced to my Writing in the Margins mentor for the summer!!! She’s R.C. Lewis, author of the YA sci-fi fairytale retellings STITCHING SNOW and SPINNING STARLIGHT (and she’s a math teacher! Like Lewis Carroll!) I’ve discussed my love of The Lunar Chronicles at length enough on this blog that those exact words are becoming redundant, but these books are quite different and I’ve heard awesome things about them; right after I got the email I ordered them on Amazon and now I’m excited to dive in! She read my WIP while I had my finals and has sent me her critiques. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to work with her on revisions.

♦ Turned in my final short story for Advanced Fiction! I really like this one – it’s quite different from my previous workshop stories – hints of the surreal/supernatural.

♦ McIntosh & Otis published my first blog post for their website! Check it out: it’s called “In Defense of the Good Girl” and discusses Sara Crewe, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, and more!

♦ Unfortunately, a huge flight delay prevented me from making my cousin’s graduation dinner (in Downtown Disney, no less). Sorry, coz. You still rock though.

♦ New haircut! Back to bangs, but a little more ’60s. I loved Carey Mulligan and her hair in AN EDUCATION, and that’s kinda what my new cut reminds me of.


♦ Of course, as soon as I returned home, I watched movies. SPOTLIGHT wasn’t Best Picture-worthy, in my opinion, but GOODNIGHT MOMMY was excellent. Seriously, it is intense. 

♦ Didn’t think to take my favorite childhood toy – a stuffed white tiger – home. Realized it’ll be my first extended period of time without her. I’m actually kind of bummed but I feel like this could symbolize growth or something?

Wow. I’m so excited for this summer. And it’s only just begun.



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