Life Update

Life Update: 5/31 – 6/5




Wrapped up all classes (only thing worth recapping is Genomics in Genetics). Turned in final paper of the year – research paper for Intro to Modern Lit on masculinity and agency in Sozaboy. 

The highlight of the week was my second workshop for Advanced Fiction. They loved the story!! They really did!!!!!!!! AND we had ice cream cake!

Actually, there were quite a few celebration parties and ego-boosting. Since HC x UCD kicked so much ass at the Perfectly Imperfect Tour, we got free Chipotle for our last party! I got the Intersectional  Representation Award and OH MY GOD, I LOVED IT. I WAS BANKING ON “MOST RELIABLE” THIRD TIME IN A ROW BUT THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER.

CARE also had an end-of-year party at the very delicious Tres Hermanas! I got the award for Honorable Achievements in Roasting Folks and GOD, I LOVED THIS TOO.

Criminy, I’m going to get fat this week. (The 100-degree weather–meaning no more biking for me–along with the new JoyRun app and the fact that as I type this we’re waiting on the bus to get poke ain’t helping.)

Oh, and after poke it’ll be right back to studying.


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