Life Update

Life Update: 5/9 – 5/15

Crunch Time Pt. 2 is here. Turned in my second Intro to Lit paper (on Margaret Atwood’s “Happy Endings” as metafiction/postmodern). Studying for second Genetics midterm tomorrow.

Also, had my Advanced Fiction workshop story critiqued! I was really nervous as it’s my first stab at historical fiction, but it went better than I feared. The story’s called “The Suffragette and the Swan”, and was loosely inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s “Wild Swans”, only with a deaf suffragette as the heroine.

Other main news: the roommate very kindly offered to make beautiful new banners for my blog!



Translation, mutation, and DNA repair in Genetics. Fall of the Qing Dynasty–and the imperial dynastic system–in Chinese History. Started postcolonial literature in Intro to Modern Lit with Salman Rushdie’s “Chekhov and Zulu” and Leila Aboulela’s “The Museum”. Attended a really lovely reading by visiting memoirist Sarah Manguso.


Finished my ARC of Susan Fair’s AMERICAN WITCHES: A BROOMSTICK TOUR THROUGH FOUR CENTURIES–definitely will review soon!

My volunteer group screened THE HUNTING GROUND, the much-discussed documentary on campus sexual assault (nominated for an Oscar for Lady Gaga’s song “Till It Happens to You”). It’s really, really heavy stuff, but it’s absolutely mandatory watching.

Cool music this week. Two very different EPs: TEARS IN MY MILKSHAKE by La Lenguas, who rather brilliantly describe themselves as “garage pop — 1950s pop by way of 1970s punk”, and DAWN by American Murder Song, a project of original murder ballads set in the early 19th century by the songwriters of Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival. Also streamed Mutual Benefit’s new album, SINK A SINKING STONE; my favorite song is still the stunningly beautiful “The Hereafter”.

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