Life Update: 5/2 – 5/8

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms out there! I know there are mothers who aren’t so deserving of celebration, but my mom, to put it mildly, ain’t one of them.

Last week was pretty good for two big reasons. One: I got an honorable mention in the Lyttle Lytton Contest for the second year in a row!! My entry was:

“How did you do that?” gasped Danielle in astonishment as Eric ran up and down the hill with astonishing speed.

The Lyttle Lytton is probably my favorite thing on the entire Internet. Definitely check them out!

Two: my favorite professor got a really prestigious and well-deserved teaching award, and I and a bunch of my Her Campus babes were invited to the ceremony! So I took a tip from Lana Del Rey and put my red party dress on–only this one was a qipao, to channel my inner Maggie Cheung in In the Mood for Love–and had some really fancy food and got to bask in all sorts of badass female English department glory.

That was not one of my better sentences. But between Mother’s Day, female empowerment poems, and Lemonade, feminine power’s kinda on my mind, ya feel?

Oh, and I went to Whole Earth Festival, which is the even hippie-r Picnic Day. Bought a pressed flower candle!


Went cellular with DNA structure, replication, transcription, and RNA processing in Genetics. Started the Qing Dynasty in Chinese history. SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE in Intro to Modern Lit. Workshop was cancelled, which means my critique will be next week…


Finished up my Badass History books with THE STEEP AND THORNY WAY by Cat Winters! Also finished May’s edition of Poetry magazine, a special Australian issue. My favorites were “Thalassography” by Sarah Holland-Batt, “My Darling Turns to Poetry at Night” by Anthony Lawrence, and “Thunder raining poison” by Ali Cobby Eckermann.

Listened to a lot of good albums this week: Kishi Bashi, FKA twigs, Mutual Benefit, Corinne Bailey Rae. (Also, Radiohead’s new single!) But the undisputed standout was, of course, Beyonce’s LEMONADE. BUY THIS ALBUM. It is such an incredible thing of beauty and deserves every bit of praise it’s been getting. (“You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation…”)



Again, I’ve been at something of a stalemate, but I had a nice long convo last night that was just the motivation I needed. Now I can’t wait to dive back into this project.


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