Treasure Box

Treasure Box: April 2016

Welcome to April’s Treasure Box! This one’s practically bursting with goodies, so enjoy!

Pandora by John William Waterhouse

♦ Janelle Monae as a Powerpuff Girl. Note: this is canon. 

♦ Glamour’s Top 10 College Women.

♦ This fantastically informative article about the historically inaccurate and fetishistic at best and downright hateful at worst portrayal of the Romani people–you might know them better by the slur “Gypsies”–along with a list of Romani women writers.

♦ Fiction to Fashion, run by Quirk Books social media and digital marketing manager and middle-grade author Julie Leung. I love the bookish outfits trend and these are some of the best I’ve seen!


♦ Read this article by The Guardian on abusive Internet comments. It confirms what you should already know–holy shit, yes, women and people of color get the most abuse online–but this is especially important for providing empirical data from a mass publication.

♦ So there’s a Lemony Snicket Prize for Noble Librarians Faced with Adversity and gah, I love it. 2015’s winner was Scott Bonner, director of the Ferguson Library, which heroically opened its doors to the community children even as schools were closed. 2014’s winner was a lady who “opened a library in her home through self-funding and small donations while living on $350 a week.  She also converted her bicycle to a mobile book carrier allowing her to reach children and families that could not travel to her home.”

♦  Here’s a cool Asian food blog, Rasa Malaysia! It’s incredibly comprehensive, offering recipes for a huge variety of cuisines and even authenticity levels, ranging from orange chicken to lotus root soup. I’ve only tried the string beans, but I think it was safe to declare it a success! Will definitely refer back to this site for future college student endeavors.


♦ I don’t have HBO or Tidal, so I’m still waiting to order Lemonade, but check out the incredibly talented young Somali-British poet quoted throughout the album, Warsan Shire. She recorded a beautiful spoken word album on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure! (And while you’re at it, if you’re going to read one Beyonce thinkpiece, try this Mic article about Lemonade, the disastrous Nina Simone biopic, and what happens when black women control their art.)

♦ 2016 commemorates 400 years since the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. Check out this interview with the designer of Pelican’s glorious new neon-minimalist covers of his plays:

And as a glorious bonus:

♦ I may never get tired of my feminist heroines joining forces. First, there was Grimes bringing  Janelle Monae on stage for Coachella…with this shirt…


And now, here’s Hermione Granger interviewing Thelma Dickinson on onscreen representation of women. I try to follow both Emma Watson’s HeForShe and The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media pretty closely, so this was just a delight.

♦ The incredible photography of Sun Jun, whose work emulates traditional Chinese painting. Here are his shots of Fan Bingbing, Ni Ni, Liu Wen, and Chang Chen (ahem):

♦ This whole Treasure Box has touched on several important issues, but for the official “Serious Issue” closer of the month of April, here’s another two-for-one deal. First, this video by Stuff Mom Never Told You, which I really need to listen to more, in the wake of the notorious “bathroom bills”. It provides factual evidence about discrimination against transgender people, but also touches upon widespread myths about sexual assault–which I also wanted to address, as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

And your second entry for “important issues that really shouldn’t have to be a thing, goddammit”: the HONR Network, founded by a father of one of the Sandy Hook victims, who has since been continually harassed by “truther” conspiracy theorists. (And okay, yes, Cracked has a good article about it.)

That’s all for April! Check back at the end of next month for more goodies!



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