Writing Wednesday: Author Manifestos

The word “manifesto” has taken on regrettable connotations of 60-page screeds by angry young white men on the Internet, but hey, all that means is we gotta reclaim that shit, right?

Bikini Kill’s Riot Grrrl Manifesto, because thank you.

The writing manifesto is another idea I got from Marissa Meyer. In a motivational series of author blog posts for National Novel Writing Month “In Case of Inspiration Emergency“:

The Jumpstart: What do you love to read and write about? Write a 100-word Author Manifesto for the type of stories you’d like to be known for writing, whether that includes creating new universes, timeless human stories, or awesome girl superheroes.

Why This Will Inspire You: It’s impossible for us creative-types to go through life without being influenced by the art and storytelling we come across every day, but we don’t always recognize our major influencers until we take a moment to reflect.

I like to keep trying to do different things. My current to-do list of projects on file (as in, projects that I’ve invested enough time in to warrant Pinterest inspiration boards) includes novel ideas that are a weird mix of fantasy, adventure, horror, etc. But that post did get me thinking about the kinds, not just genres, of stories I like to write.

Here’s my manifesto:


I commit to writing genre-bending, carefully crafted works with engaging, multifaceted, psychologically complex characters; thoughtful and nuanced exploration of themes; imaginative storylines, intersectional feminist principles, and quirky touches. 

Of course, easier said than done, but knowing is half the battle, right? What would your author manifesto/mission statement be? Let me know in the comments!

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