Writing Wednesday: Some Writing Resources

Hello, darlings!

The whole ’90s/’00s nostalgia craze is kinda bleh but I would be down for a Goth revival.

I’ve been hard at work on recalibrating my WIP, and I was going to finally talk about what the hell that actually means for this Writing Wednesday, but as I predicted, Crunch Time is underway, and I want more time both for that post and for my academic work. So this post is going to be a quickie but hopefully, a good one. That did not come out as I intended.

Anyway, here are some writing resources that have been really helpful for me!

1. Marissa Meyer’s blog. 

Even more than rejuvenating me out of a reading dry spell (WHAT IS IT about Elvira gifs that has me completely unintentionally dropping double entendres left and right?), I owe Marissa Meyer for getting me out of a writing rut. Her blog is wonderful, with lots of encouraging and informative posts for aspiring writers, as well as neat behind-the-scenes info into the life of an author and the backstage work that went into The Lunar Chronicles.

2. Publishing Crawl

A website run by authors and industry professionals (Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo are among its “distinguished alumni”!), I check the amusingly named PubCrawl daily. This is another online source I’m recommending for partly sentimental reasons, as it’s how I found out that Stacey Lee was a UCD alum and thus was able to land an interview/ARC; also, it’s where I got my first/current critique partners!

3. On Writing by Stephen King

Marissa Meyer and other authors swear by craft books, but I personally haven’t read a lot of them. The one actual writing book I have read, however, is On Writing by Stephen King, which I highly recommend. It’s no-bullshit, entertaining, and even moving at times, as well as an all-around great resource.

4. The Lyttle Lytton Contest

This is kind of a goofy one, but it’s really helped me. The Lyttle Lytton Contest is an online comedy contest that challenges writers to pen the worst opening lines to imaginary novels–if you’re familiar with the Bulwer-Lytton Contest, it’s inspired by that but with sentences capped at 200 characters and frankly, much, much wittier and funnier. I actually had an honorable mention in 2015 and I’m not kidding when I say that I put it on my resume. I’ve actually learned a lot about bad writing and humor from the archives of past entries. Even if you’re not into writing, check it out and prepare yourself for some good, long, painful laughter. No, seriously.

That’s all for now! This week will be a little slow for blogging, but hopefully I’ll pick up the slack next week–I’ve got 4 drafts on the back burner 😉 Till then!


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