Treasure Box

Treasure Box: March 2016

Hello, and welcome to this month’s Treasure Box! After the assorted prettinesses of February, I’ve compiled a fun, geeky list for March, with lots of art, science, history, and even some world politics. (There’s not a lot to treasure in U.S. politics right now.)


♣ From Refinery29: starting off with some more prettiness. Check out these funky hair trends that I totally want to try: gold leaf hair, watercolor hair, and hair tapestries!

Gold leaf secrets 😉😉😉 by @hairbyamandajane #thefoxandthehair #vipnight

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♣ This slideshow of Charles Darwin’s kids’ drawings over his notebooks (yes, those notebooks). Cute slideshow, whether you’re the kind of person who follows ‘family vloggers’ on YouTube or if (like me) you dig evolutionary biology.


deadpool gasp.gif

♣ This Cracked article, “6 Lessons I Learned at a Home for Mentally Disabled Adults“. I have something of a soft spot for the elderly–I used to volunteer at a home for deaf adults–so I found this a really illuminating, at times painful read.

♣ March was Women’s History Month. I did a mini-Treasure Box of feminism and women’s history related goodies for International Women’s Day (and wrote some fun articles for Her Campus at UCD), but John Oliver also did this very funny segment.

♣ Art meets science: “metamaterials” inspired by geometric Islamic designs! I really like art history, and the roommate was telling me about an Environmental Design class she took last quarter, so I found this really neat.

Marilyn Monroe’s poetry fragments. The first movie I ever saw with perhaps the most iconic screen goddess was the wonderful Some Like It Hot, and I became fascinated with Norma Jean. I recommend Gloria Steinem’s book about her, Marilyn. It’s a deeply compassionate look on the very complicated woman behind the icon.

♣ The Queen of Bhutan is on Instagram! If you haven’t seen Jetsun Pema and her husband, King Jigme Khesar Namyel Wangchuck:

So yeah, besides being outrageously photogenic, whereas other historical royals have commemorated themselves by forcing their subjects to erect huge monuments for them, the King and Queen of Bhutan recently celebrated the birth of Crown Prince Gyalsey by planting 108,000 trees. It was a mass volunteer effort. This is why Bhutan is the happiest country in Asia.

♣ The Easter Bilby! You see, in Australia, rabbits are an invasive species. So instead of the Easter Bunny, they use the Easter Bilby to promote patriotism and environmental awareness.

♣ A fantastic essay by Ta-Neihisi Coates on the controversy surrounding the upcoming Nina Simone biopic.

♣ I’m one of those feminists who’ve long been fascinated by the history of witchcraft (hey, that was a good line, I have to put that in a book someday), so I was delighted by this interview with Katy Horan on her comic, “Literary Witches”.


♣ KOSHER TARTAN! I don’t really have a good explanation as to why this amuses me so.

♣ Since March is Women’s History Month, I knew I wanted this month to spotlight women’s issues. I decided to call attention to the epidemic of missing or murdered indigenous women in Canada. Indigenous and First Nation women suffer some of the highest rates of sexual violence–often from non-indigenous men–but sadly this ongoing problem has had little visibility.

And that’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed this month’s Treasure Box. Check back in 30 days for the month of April!

Love, Caution,



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