Life Update

Dorothy Was Right Though: Life Update 3/14 – 3/20

WINTER QUARTER IS OVER!! Now I’m back home in SoCal, eating Burmese coconut noodle soup, and just generally enjoying life.


I don’t have a whole lot to report, since I spent most of the week prepping for finals. I did get a wonderfully timed surprise, though–besides the fact that there’s no place like home, my #BadassHistory books started arriving! You can most definitely expect reviews (and swag pics) after I get back!


After another week of not reading/watching anything, I got all caught up yesterday. I read bell hooks’ ALL ABOUT LOVE: NEW VISIONS for the March edition of Hermione Granger’s feminist book club and WOW, that will certainly get more words soon. I also watched 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE yesterday and it was really good–that, too, will get words!

As for music: The Killers’ Shadowplay album, Joanna Newsom, Mini Mansions B-sides, The Last Shadow Puppets’ underwhelming new single but amazing new music video, and…this.

Yeah, our first night home, my brother and I were in a nostalgic disco mood, hence Modern Talking and Bee Gees Live DVDs.

Look at that, another short life update. Things won’t be too idle around here–I’m hoping to start intensive recalibration for Draft 3 of my WIP, and I also have to catch up on critique partners’ manuscripts. It’s a blessing, loving being at college and at home.

Love, Caution,



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